Nori St. Paul
Journalist, Essayist, Humanitarian

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Nori St. Paul is a freelance journalist, essayist, humanitarian and activist living in New York City.  Ms. St. Paul's work has been widely published across many print and digital platforms on a wide variety of human interest topics and compelling people profiles.  Nori St. Paul has covered topics such as current issues, health, addiction, recovery, workplace bullying, mental illness and the pandemic over-use of prescription medication in America, to name a few.  Ms. St. Paul's current work includes in depth research into the issues around the psychology of reactions to crime and criminals, the criminal justice system, toxic pedagogy, mental health, and humanitarian aid to refugees, to name a few.  Ms. St. Paul's work is punctuated by her ability to deliver a certain and indelible beat to the heart of potent human issues, often opening dialogue and new ways of seeing into the efficacy, or lack thereof, of our various human management paradigms;  Much of Ms. St. Paul's work is timely, comprehensively supported through her research, interviews and analysis of the constitutive elements to derive provocative new insights.  Her journalism and essays are frequently highlighted by interviews with officials on state policy and human services, in-the-know experts, and every day people.  People who want to know the truth.  An interview with a top North American religious leader based in NYC led to discussions and one of the first articles on issues around the Syrian Crisis that included lack of media attention around two kidnapped orthodox christian Archbishops in Aleppo, Syria, and news that the driver of their car was killed by gunshot to the head while crossing into Turkey on a humanitarian mission.  In striving to stay personable to readers in her critical analysis and reportage in areas of life that attune and inform a broad audience, Ms. St. Paul delivers a critical slant with concrete, and decisive content.  Readers relate to her writing.  Ms. St. Paul is also an activist in human and animal rights and a former specialized teacher in higher continuing education and academia systems, where she was highly rated for her original content and facilitation of specially designed material and symposiums. She has volunteered extensively for notable organizations including Drug Free Collier and Project Help Crisis Hotline and served on the board of the American Institute of Health Care Professionals.  She also served as both a Citizen Lobbyist and briefly as Florida State Coordinator for HB 149 and SB 308; the Healthy Workplace Bill.  Currently residing in New York City, with past travels across the U.S. and abroad, Ms. St. Paul won Collier County's "Voice" top award, recognized by many local SWFL institutions, and was commemorated with an engraved brick bearing Ms. St. Paul's name, which today is embedded in the cobblestone walkway at the highly noted David Lawrence Center, on behalf of the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association's (SAMSHA) awareness efforts, in 2012 for her many published articles on, and personal victory over chronic childhood abuse, addiction, and PTSD.   Contact Nori St. Paul at

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"Helping the Helper" by Nori St. Paul

Below is a collage of some of Nori St. Paul's early work.
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